Gill Park is a multi-phase renovation project which is ongoing since January of 2016. This project includes remodeling of all 260 apartments in the 27-story residential tower and the replacement of the buildings water lines, waste lines, electrical switchgear, bus duct and distribution. In addition, all apartments were wired with new satellite and internet connections.

Abe Kreml, the Senior Project Manager for this project answered a few questions regarding this project. "One of the challenges we faced was working while the building is occupied and transitioning people out of the old units and into the new units. Acute scheduling, close communication with ownership and management has made this a seamless transition as we close-out and occupy the 18th floor to the building and move down to the lobby."

Due to safety being our first priority, a lift was installed on the south side of the building. Since the building was constructed without a freight elevator, only three public elevators were available for the tenants and construction; we needed a solution. The work is phased starting from the top floor (27th floor) down to the lobby, three floors constitute one phase of the schedule. Abe points out “It’s been a tricky process but with the right team anything is possible.”